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Dallas Morning News
Arts & Media

You Only Die Once: Preparing for the End of Life With Grace and Gusto

Ms. Jenkins thoughtful and often poignant guide to practically preparing for death offers a wealth of information and a step-by-step program to ease the post-passing burden on survivors. You Only Die Once is far from a cover-to-cover depressant. Ms. Jenkins, an advocate of what she calls “bodacious living,” maintains that planning for the end of life actually frees people to experience life. And though this is not an overtly spiritual book…the sense that something awaits when this life ends fills every page.  -  M.E.Y.


The Presbyterian OUTLOOK
You Only Die Once: Preparing for the End of Life With Grace and Gusto

Margie Jenkins has written an important book. It ranks somewhere between the first-aid manual and the phone book, and should well be in every home….As a very “in-step” and up-to-date octogenarian, Jenkins’ approach to the subject of dying is professionally objective and sprinkled with personal humor, sympathy and empathy. …Recognizing people’s differing comfort levels, the author beckons the reader through the door with truly intriguing and delightful ideas. Her sagacious wit turns this taboo topic into a page turner.  -  Judith Haas Smith, Bedford, Pa.


Memorial Drive Lutheran Church, Houston, Texas

WOW! Our church was blessed and honored to host Margie and Jenks for a presentation on Margie’s book, You Only Die Once, Preparing for the End of Life With Grace and gusto. We did not want the evening to end…Her wit and compassion eased any anxiety that I had about the subject of death…We found her book and personal planner easy to read…We are sure we will invite her back! - Susan Kramer, Stephen Minister


Funeral Consumer Alliance (FCA), A Federation of Nonprofit Funeral Information Societies, South Burlington, VT 800 765 0107

Therapist Margie Jenkins is noted for her wit and gentle humor with which she approaches a topic all of us will face, but few want to discuss, in her book, You Only Die Once; Preparing for the End of Life With Grace and Gusto. “If you can explore life’s last adventure, make end-of-life decisions before the event, and tell family about your wishes, death causes less trauma, emotional chaos, and reduces sticker shock for survivors.”  - Josh Slocum, President


Hospice Volunteer Services, Middlebury, Vermont

A common challenge we face is how to enroll participation in public programs dealing with death and grief when our culture would rather not talk about it. ...Enter Margie Jenkins! …with skill and ease, she and her husband, Jenks, set the tone for a lively and robust evening of learning, laughter, and engaging discussion about death… Broaching the topic of dying never seemed so natural and non-threatening. -  Patty Dunn, Executive Director


St Luke Lutheran Church, Portland, Oregon

Your book, You Only Die Once…and your presentation… is full of humor and essential information about planning for the end of life. This book is a “must read” for everyone.  My Personal Planner is an essential companion to You Only Die Once. Virtually everything you need to do is included in this well laid out workbook. Get to a Jenkins seminar in the city nearest you! You will leave ready to get your end-of-life plan started. - Pastor David Wilder, Senior Ministries


Northwoods Presbyterian Church, Woodland, Texas

My wife and I attended a “Preparing for the End of Life” seminar by the Jenkins….They gave us the tools that make life better for our survivors by eliminating doubt as to what we wanted done at the end of life. The program …was an epiphany for us. We followed their suggestions and have found peace of mind. - John Leslie, Sr.


First Baptist Church, Roswell, GA

Margie Jenkins, author of YOU ONLY DIE ONCE, presented a seminar called “Don’t Slam the Door on Your Way Out”. Margie and her husband, Jenks, are a loving, gracious, and informed couple who provided us with a fantastic program. - Ed Walter, The Keystone Group, Legal Plans and Wealth Management


Scott and White Hospital, Temple, Texas

Margie and Jenks, thanks for enabling over 130 lives to be blessed and changed for the better. Your presentation truly lived up to… and exceeded its billing. Thanks for giving of yourselves. - Terry Taylor, Scott and White Hospice


19th Annual Older Americans Conference, Kipsap County, Washington

The message of “Do It Now” given to Kipsap Seniors, by 87- year old married couple, Margie and Bob Jenkins, who urged those who attended to live “bodaciously and finish well”. Jenkins suggests that making end-of-life decisions before it is too late … “is one of the most loving and unselfish things you can do for those you love.” -  Rachel Brant, for The Kitsap Sun


Area Agency on Aging, Central Texas, Belton, Texas

Preparing for the End-of-Life with Grace and Gusto, presented by Margie Jenkins, a seminar that provides a roadmap to encourage people to make good plans for their final days…to write down decisions, learn from cue cards what to do and what to say to people facing death, have conversation with loved ones about end-of-life wishes and experience springboards for living life with more gusto. - Sponsored by Scott & White Hospice and Home care


Princeton Memorial Association, Princeton, New Jersey

Psychotherapist, Human Relations Consultant, Ms. Jenkins is the author of You Only Die Once. We are flying her in for our annual conference. From a review of her book: Respect death; but don’t miss out on its humorous moments…prepare for a friendly transition. The subtitle of her book, Preparing for the “End of Life With Grace and Gusto suggests the flavor of her talk. - Charles Rose, President


Jefferson City, MO
Warren Kretch, KLIK
Radio Interview

Explore the lighter side of death with this witty guest: Funny things that occur at funerals, Silly questions funeral directors are asked like: “Does cremation include the urinal?” Talking tombstones. Reasons death should be a planned adventure just like a wedding. Margie Jenkins was a terrific interview. She was informative, sensitive and witty- all rolled into one.


The Ultimate Gift of End-of-Life Planning
Redeemer Lutheran Church, Austin, Texas

Surprise yourself with the joy and satisfaction of the planning process. Update and organize your vital papers. Plan your own memorial service that honors your life, beliefs and wishes.


First Baptist Church, Dickson, TN

Half of all Americans are touched by death each year and yet 70% of those who die are unprepared. Vulnerable family members are left to make important decisions during a traumatic time when wisdom and clear thinking are often in short supply. It doesn’t have to be that way. Margie Jenkins, acclaimed author of the book You Only Die Once, will be speaking at our church and sharing her wisdom about what you can do to better prepare for life’s final chapter. Death is a part of God’s plan for each of us. Preparing for it is a gift to yourself and your loved ones.


Live Bodaciously and Plan to Finish Well
Episcopal Diocese of Texas, St John the Devine Episcopal Church, Houston, Texas

Margie Jenkins is nationally recognized for her work with end-of-life issues and is noted for her sensitivity, wit, and clinical practicality. Jenkins’ philosophy is to celebrate God’s world, plan to die well, and live bodaciously as long as you can.


First Presbyterian Church, Battle Creek, MI

I had the privilege of attending the seminar by Margie Jenkins, “You Only Die Once, Preparing for the End-of-Life with Grace and Gusto. Margie and Jenks, her husband of 69 years, entertained and informed the audience, reminding us all that we need to begin to prepare for our final destination. The Jenkins maintained a light atmosphere as they talked about developing an end-of-life plan, identifying your support people, organizing important documents, as well as listing your cherished possessions. A wonderful experience. - Dr. Gary Wortz


Chapelwood United Methodist Church, Houston, TX

The members of our church were blessed twice by 2 seminars given by Margie and Jenks Jenkins focusing on end-of-life issues, based on Margie’s book, You Only Die Once. Lives were changed because of them. They are utilizing their God-given talents to engage, educate, and embrace all who have the privilege of being in their company. - Jacki Lammert, CPA, Executive Director, Chapelwood UMC Foundation.


Lakeland, Florida

After reading You Only Die Once, I invited Margie Jenkins and her husband to Florida to lead five seminars based on her book. The 500 people who attended the presentations were encouraged to spare their relatives the agony of searching for important documents and wondering what to do with cherished possessions. To my knowledge, theirs is the only presentation that covers what we need to identify to organize for our last act on earth. And it was done with such grace and gusto.  - James M. Cummings, Retired minister


Huffington Center on Aging
Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX

You are amazing. Not many people can make us laugh about a topic so serious and so avoided. A great model for aging well. A breathe of fresh air. - Anita M. Woods, Ph.D., Moderator of Huffington Spring Forum


The Rotary Club of Park Cities, Dallas, TX
Don’t Slam the Door on Your Way Out

Relying on her over thirty years of experience and knowledge as a therapist, Margie Jenkins talked about the amazing journey we will all travel—to the end of life. Her book, You Only Die Once, provides a step-by-step plan to organize vital papers, talk to family about your end-of-life choices, and think about how to distribute your cherished possessions. Her light-hearted approach to this neglected subject was a joy to experience.


Central Kipsap Presbyterian Church, Kipsap, Washington

Margie Jenkins’ seminar covered a myriad of issues, including the practicalities of know what to do at the time of a death, who to inform, identifying and organizing vital paper work, creating lasting memories, learning new ways of showing love and caring at the time when it is most needed, and how to understand the grief phases in order to move on. Those who attended gathered around tables and eagerly discussed these and many other topics. - Jan Stump and Mariwyn Tinsley, co-chairmen.


Friendswood United Methodist Church, Friendswood, Texas

Margie Jenkins opened the door to a difficult subject for members of our church and the community. People were somewhat hesitant at first as they came to a workshop about end-of-life planning. But Margie and her husband, Jenks, won the hearts of the people by sharing stories and personal experiences in a skillful way, using sensitivity and humor. In a short time the audience was engaged and eager to participate. I have received many comments from those who attended thanking me for inviting Margie Jenkins to speak and share her books, You Only Die Once and My Personal Planner. We are now equipped with tools to help us prepare for our last days. Margie and Jenks were a blessing to us. - Rev. Rosemary Dubois


Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church, Houston, Texas
Spirituality and Health Lecture/Luncheon

Based on her book, You Only Die Once, Margie Jenkins presented a seminar that gave us tools to help ourselves, patients, and caregivers plan for the end of life with grace and gusto.


San Gabriel Presbyterian Church, Georgetown, TX

Margie Jenkins, author of You Only Die Once: Preparing for the End of Life with Grace and Gusto, is a social worker for over 30 years, a newspaper columnist and a college lecturer. She has been interviewed on TV and radio round the country. She and her husband, Jenks, have traveled extensively across the country giving presentations on the subject of her book. We look forward to her presentation at our church.


University of Houston, Graduate College of Social Work, Houston, TX
You Only Die Once: Preparing for the End of Life With Grace and Gusto

Margie Jenkins suggests “this course is for anyone who thinks they will die someday-- or knows someone who will”. The session offers a roadmap and an action plan for preparing for the end-of-life with grace and gusto—and will focus on living bodaciously as long as you can and finish well. The course is based on Margie’s books, You Only Die Once and My Personal Planner. - Dean Ira Colby


Bosque County News
Local News
Death is a Laughing Matter

The thought of death does not have to get you down. Just ask Margie Jenkins, author of You Only Die Once, Preparing for the End of Life With Grace and Gusto. Margie and husband, Jenks, advocate living happily right up to the hereafter. The Jenkins suggest shopping around for your funeral company—shop before you drop—know the options. - Evan Moore


Terry Meiners, Host
Great Day Live
WHAS Louisville, KY
News Knowledge and Nonsense

I heard you talking to Terry Meiners on WHAS 840AM. After listening you talk about your book and workbook, I wanted to know a lot more…be more prepared for my own death…and prepare for the passing of loved ones. Your books will be a tremendous help and….definitely leave me with a lot more peace of mind. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and wisdom. - Robin L. Garcia, Fisherville, Kentucky


OPMD-LDD Retention & Transition Branch, Fort Knox, KY

Margie, after hearing you on Terry Meiners' Show, I want to view your DVD and learn more about your subject.  It could be a legacy if...could persuade "command" to make your information available to the families of deceased warriors. -Gerald C. McKinney, Human Resources Command


Taylorville, KY

I just heard you on Terry Meiners' show and was very impressed.  I would like copies of all your products to share with senior citizens organizations I work with. - Ronald Corum


New Albany, IN

Your interview on Terry Meiners' show was very compelling. Your book will make a big difference in our lives.  - Wendy Juodikis


U.S. News and World Report
Living Well Should Include Planning for Death
Phil Moeller

When Margie Jenkins is out speaking, she presents a list of more than 40 items that she recommends people include in planning for the end-of-life. The list includes action folder of critical information needed at time of a crisis, people to notify, stages of grief, bodacious living ideas. 


St Matthews Episcopal Church, Austin, TX

Margie, the Endowment Committee of my church is reading your book You Only Die Once. A fabulous resource and a fun read.  Our senior rector...recommended your book in preparations for a parish-wide edcational event.  Thank you. - Nicole Banister


Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, Lebanon, NH

Margie, you and Jenks made a wonderful presentation here.  Very impressive.  Thank you. -  Ira Byock, M.D., Director of Palliative Medicine


Lutheran Social Services of South Central PA, Chambersburg, PA

Based on her book, You Only Die Once, Margie Jenkins presented a hands-on workshop demystifying the end-of-life planning process.  Wise, witty, and tenderly tanacious, Margie weaves stories and abundant humor into her presentation to provide insights on how to live bodaciously before you die.  - Terry Shade, Executive Director