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ISBN: 978-0-996432-01-6 / 0-996432-01-9

Expanded Edition
8½ x 11 Paperback

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ISBN: 978-0-996432-00-9 / 0-996432-00-0

Preparing for Life With Grace and Gusto
Quality Paperback

List Price: $14.99

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My Personal Planner, NEW 2nd Edition, helps you put the book, You Only Die Once, into action. It encourages early decision-making and writing down plans before it's too late.  Wiser choices can be made when there is time to explore the options with less emotional stress.  My Personal Planner encourages you to implement the ideas presented in the book by offering guidelines, easy to fill in forms, and questions to answer as you plan for life's ending.  Completing this end-of-life planner is a wonderful gift to those you love and to yourself.

You Only Die Once, NEW 2nd Edition, will surprise you with its upbeat tone and poignant personal stories that demystify end-of-life planning. These compelling anecdotes will open your heart and mind, enabling you to travel down "planning paths" that you are tempted to avoid...until it is too late. Plans like writing the history of your cherished possessions and where you want them to go, "vital papers," updating your will, and even planning your own funeral or memorial service. It also gives hepful insights on how to live bodaciously before you die, hope for survivors, what to do after a death or a medical crises, advanced directives, and spirituality when it really counts.

You Only Die Once Now Available on Kindle.

Comments often heard from Margie’s audiences are:
“For the first time, I’m actually enjoying planning for the end of my life.
” Many times they add, “Margie’s message in her books gives me peace of mind and I often find myself laughing out loud.”

Don't Slam the Door on Your Way Out
ISBN: 978-0-929488-82-0/

Don't Slam The Door
On Your Way Out

List Price:$12.99

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Don't Slam the Door on Your Way Out is a live seminar presented by Margie Jenkins and her husband, Bob (Jenks) Jenkins, based on her books, You Only Die Once and My Personal Planner. View/listen to this seminar and you will know why Margie speaks so effectively about planning the end of life with "grace and gusto." She makes a most difficult subject easy to listen to and to understand. And she guides you through creating a written end-of-life that will make life's final chapter experience a loving and unselfish gift to those who love you.

Don't Slam the Door on Your Way Out
UPC 889290453372

Don't Slam The Door 
On Your Way Out

List Price: 14.99

NOW $12.74 + shipping